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Treat Acne with an App

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Many telemedicine apps are popping up around the internet these days and you might be asking yourself, "Can they be trusted?" Let me go over a few reasons why treating your acne with app is a good idea. Your health is important, and that includes your skin's health. Should you trust it to just anyone? Read on to find out why you should.

Is It Secure?

How about your health data, or what the industry calls your Protected Health Information (PHI)? Why should you trust someone you can’t even see, who might even be on the other side of the country? Here's how: By using a HIPAA compliant telemedicine app that is certified by a third-party compliance company like Compliancy Group. You should be able to trust them just as much as you can trust your local family doctor... and maybe even more.

Quality of Care?

You can have confidence in telemedicine doctors because they must go through a stringent vetting process as they are often licensed in multiple states. There are also strict telemedicine laws that must be followed in order to protect the patient. Also, you may not have the best skin doctor in your small town, but with telemedicine, you can get access to an experienced dermatology physician or provider who specializes in acne treatment.

Does it Save You Time?

The average waiting time to see a dermatologist is 10-14 weeks. If that isn't inconvenient enough, don't forget about getting time off work or school, driving an average of 40 minutes to the nearest dermatology office, waiting in the waiting room for almost an hour and having to repeat this every one to three months. Nobody likes to wait, but with telemedicine apps like Klear Acne, you don't have to. Whenever you are ready, you can just download the app, sign up, take some photos, answer some medical questions, and sit back and relax. No appointment necessary. The doctor and his team will review your case promptly and if more information is needed they will text you using the app, then create your custom treatment plan. All this happens within your app so it remains HIPAA compliant.

Is it Worth it?

Not only do you save time (and of course time is money), but don't forget the actual money you will save. The average co-pay for a specialist ranges from $50-$100 these days, and let's not forget those with high-deductible insurance who will pay the entire visit until their deductible is met. For as little as $26.95/month, you can get top quality, convenient care without ever needing to leave your home (except to pick up your medications at your local pharmacy, of course). Also, there is usually a 14-day free trial promo code floating around so you risk nothing.


Bottom line is, the past is waiting-room-based treatment and the future is your living-room-based treatment, that is secure, top notch, and saves you time and money. Make an appointment today... I mean, don't make an appointment because that's not necessary. Just download the app and start your free trial today. Coupon code: freetrial14

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