• Eli Kim, MD

Why Only Half Treat Your Acne?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Many acne products on the market can treat some of your acne, but there are only a few that can make ALL your acne go away. If you found that perfect combination of creams and washes then most likely you didn't do it on your own. You must have used an acne specialist like a dermatologist, but not everyone has the means to see one. So your are stuck and you are most likely looking for the product with the highest likelihood of success no matter who is using it. The bad news is, it doesn't exist. Everyone's skin is different and chances are that the first product you will try will likely only partially treat your acne. Who wants to waste time and money when most people are in short supply of both.

Introducing Klear Acne! They don't give up until your acne is 100% clear! They have expert medical doctors and providers who specialize in acne treatment. Your prescription treatment plan will be sent to your local pharmacy by using their custom Klear Acne app. You can text messages directly with your doctor and your medical team if you have any questions or need to change a medication for any reason. There is a saying, "The best dermatologist is the one you can get an appointment with." Okay, I just made that up, but you get the point. With Klear Acne, you don't have to wait months to get an appointment. You can see one in under 10 minutes. Delaying treatment allows your acne to create deeper permanent scars. Don't waste your time with all those other over-the-counter strength products on the market. Most people with moderate to severe acne end up at the dermatologist's office anyways, so why not skip the headache (or blackhead ache! ;) ) and go right to the place that will never give up on your acne until it is clear... or should I say "Klear"?

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